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Our Mission: River City was established to meet the needs of the youth sports community of Eastern, Central and Northern Maine. The goal is to provide affordable option for all families and athletes to develop their skills and ability while keeping the passion for the sport they love. We want to do this in a safe, and friendly environment with a highly trained staff committed to all players of all skill levels. We will provide teams to compete in leagues and tournaments against competitive teams of similar skill level within the state of Maine. The focus will be on skill and growth first, with competition secondary. We want to win if at all possible, not at all costs.

River City was formed when players and parents asked for another premier soccer option in the Greater Bangor Area. In the Spring of 2014, one local coach offered training sessions on his own and had a team play in the SoccerMaine Pine Tree League and another team played in the Maine State Premiere League and the State Cup, which showed there were more players in the greater Bangor area interested in competing at the highest level of soccer in Maine than were being served. Because of this growing interest, a few of us met in June of 2014 to discuss what spring soccer in our area could look like based on the feedback we received from these most recent spring programs. What was born from that meeting is River City, the new competitive home for spring soccer in the Penobscot River Valley.

The logo for River City is a visual representation of the way we hope young soccer players will come together in our club. The four white stars represent each of the four area fall travel clubs we plan to incorporate into River City: Bangor, Brewer, Bronco, and Old Town Black Bear Alliance. The blue flowing through the middle represents the Penobscot River, and while we expect the majority of our players to come from the four area clubs, we plan to serve all athletes from Katahdin to the Atlantic Ocean. The white across the middle bands us all together in our endeavor to put forth the best, most competitive spring teams possible.

The goal of River City is to be an inclusive club, one which offers a home for players of all skill levels and interests to develop their ability while keeping their passion for the sport they love. We offer extended winter and spring training programs for the player who wants to flourish and grow year round, but we also have less time-intensive programs available for the athlete who plays multiple sports, or takes part in other after school activities so they can continue to keep a sharp edge on their soccer talents while pursing their other interests.

Ultimately we want the players to improve and to be competitive. We want our teams to win and be successful. But most importantly we want River City to be a place where athletes can work on their game, continue with their passion for soccer, and learn those life long lessons of team work and effort that involvement in competitive sports can offer.


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