Each player will be assigned a number that will be screened onto the jersey and shorts then shipped directly to you from our vendor wegotsoccer.com.   A special thank you to Downeast Orthopedics for being our premier jersey sponsor and ABM Mechanical for being our training jersey sponsor for next two years.

2023 starts a new cycle of Adidas uniforms.  Last year’s uniforms are out of style and will not be used (feel free to wear to training).   

Reminder – BEFORE ORDERING – please make sure you have the correct uniform number, so there are no errors.  All jersey numbers have been updated in team snap.  When ordering you will input the uniform number and it HAS TO match the official roster.
here is the link to our store:
Required Uniform
Royal Blue Jersey
Black Jersey
White Training Jersey
Black Shorts
Royal Blue Socks
Black Socks
White Training T-Shirt with number on the back (can be used as 3rd jersey)
Goalies do not need to purchase new goalkeeper kit unless you want to.  Last year’s can be worn as long as number has not changed and with 3 jerseys, you will always have a conflict free jersey to choose.

If you have questions regarding uniforms or your jersey #, please contact Wayne Harvey at (207) 431-9156 or rivercitymaine@gmail.com.

Order Uniforms for required gear (2 jerseys, 1 training jersey, one short and two socks) and optional gear like jackets, bags, etc.  All items will be screened with your number if ordered using the team page.  Remember to use RCAREWARD at checkout for discount.

2023 Required Uniform