River City Athletics is dedicated to providing a healthy lifestyle through sport and activities.  For any program that we run, we have a scholarship program to assist families in need.  Our philosophy is very simple – money should never deter a child from participating in a program.  

We sell advertising banners at our facility to highlight local businesses and families, sell sponsorships on our premier team jerseys and training shirts. A portion of each banner or sponsorship helps fund our scholarship program.  We also work with organizations who run their programs at our facility and partner to provide assistance as needed.

We also have a STEPS (Space To Ensure Program Success) program that provides space at our facility for organizations who might not be able to afford an hourly rental but need a safe space to offer their programs to the community.

In addition to scholarships, we also price our youth soccer programs, youth and adult leagues, and rentals to be affordable. For example, the River City Athletics soccer club fee is more than 50% less of the cost of other clubs in the area. Our rental rates and league fees make it very affordable for all community members to participate. The mission of River City Athletics is to make it easy, safe and affordable for adults and youth to be active all season long. Our pricing and scholarships make that achievable.

2023 STEPS recipients include:

  • Parkinson’s Boxing Class through Husson PT Program
  • Home School Network – provide space for weekly dodgeball games
  • Disk Golf Putting League

To apply for either a scholarship or the STEPS program, please email mjball517@gmail.com with your individual or organizational need and we’ll get in touch with you.  Our board of directors meets once per month to approve requests.

If you or your business would like to advertise at our facility or donate to our scholarship program and STEPS program, please call our Executive Director, MJ Ball at 207.991.8940.

Thank you to our generous Sponsors

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