River City has an England Exchange program with St. Clement Dane’s School (http://www.stclementdanes.org.uk/) located north of Watford, England.  We send 1-2 teams every other year (usually our eldest boys and a girls team) and host the SCD teams every other year.  This summer (2024) we will be taking two teams (a U17/18 Boys team and a U17/18 Girls team) to England this summer as part of our England Exchange,   This will be our 8th time sending teams to England and in the summer of 25, we will host them for the 10th time.

2024 – River City to England

2025 – SCD to Maine

2026 – River City to England

2027 – SCD to Maine

Below is some general information about the trip.  Players that host families are invited first as a thank you for hosting.  This is not a team program and players must be invited to attend.  We will have a parent’s meeting to answer any questions, talk fundraisers, etc.   Check out our FAQ about the program.

We send 16-18 players but can take up to as many as 22 but prefer the smaller numbers which allows for more playing time in the matches.   Players vary between 16, 17 and 18 year olds.

Each player will stay with a host family in the Watford area.  Some families will have the capability of hosting two players but typically one player per family (smaller houses).  It is a great experience, and we will try to match up host families with those who have hosted here in the US if possible.

The Trip will include;

Training with top level coaches

Playing in 4 matches

Attending 2 premier league matches

Visiting London on a few occasions

Visiting other landmarks (castles, stadiums, etc)

Making Lifelong Memories


The estimated cost of the trip is between $1,750.00 – $2,000.00.  The largest expense is the plane fare (usually $1,000.00)  In addition to plane fare, each player is charged an $850.00 fee which includes insurance, tickets to premier league matches, referee fees, facility/field rentals, uniform, transportation to and from airports, London excursions, travel jacket etc. 

We will fundraise for the trip with monthly payment options until trip is paid.  Estimated that each player will need between $300-500 of spending money based on their “shopping.”  This is in addition to the $1,850.00 trip cost.