2020 Winter Training Program Registration is Open.  Please register for one ($175) or two day ($300) winter training.  Team Selections will be made through our winter trainings.  If you want to considered for a team but cannot commit to winter training, we ask that you attend 1 or 2 winter trainings in your age group so that you can be evaluated.  View Winter Training schedule

In 2019 River City offered 12 spring teams with over 240 players registered and anticipate having 14-15 teams this spring.  Please see the team / coach contact info below.  Please contact MJ Ball at 207.991.8940 (text for best response) or mjball517@gmail.com if interested in joining a team or playing as a training player this spring.

2020 Projected Teams

We intend to have teams this spring at these age levels:


U11 (2009 birth year)

U12 (2008 birth year)

U13 (2007 birth year)

U15 (2005 birth year)

U16 (2004 birth year)

U17/18 (2003-2002 birth years)

U19 (2002-2001 birth years)

We may juggle our high school aged teams U15-U19 we believe we will have enough for 4 teams at those ages, but it could be 3 or 5 depending on registration numbers.


U10 (2010 birth year)

U11 (2009 birth year)

U12 (2008 birth year)

U14 (2006 birth year)

U15 (2005 birth year)

U16 (2004 birth year)

U19 (2003-2002-2001 birth year)

We may add a high school aged team U15-U18 depending on registration numbers, we expect 3 teams, but there could be a fourth team added if needed.

2019 Boys Teams

12 Boys – Head Coach:  Phil Turmelle, Assistant Coach:  Ian Forrest

14 Boys – Head Coach:  Damion Gordon

15 Boys – Head Coach:  Ben Sidaway, Assistant Coach:  Jason Pangburn

16 Boys – Head Coach:  Mark Dieuveuil

17 Boys – Head Coach:  Greg Warmuth

18 Boys – Head Coach:  Alex Caballero, Assistant Coach:  Steven Paquette

Goalkeeper Coaches:  Alex Caballero and Matt Goodman

2019 Girls Teams

10 Girls – Head Coach:  Ben Poland

12 Girls – Head Coach:  Troy Gravel, Assistant Coach:  Mandy Cuskelly

13 Girls – Head Coach:  MJ Ball, Assistant Coach:  Jaime Pangburn

14 Girls – Head Coach:  Taylor Fortin, Assistant Coach:  Steven Paquette

15 Girls – Head Coach:  Mike Saulter, Assistant Coach:  Jinger Pepin

18 Girls – Head Coach:  Wayne Harvey

Goalkeeper Coaches:  Alex Caballero and Matt Goodman

Club Registrar:  Shelly Tennett

Director of Coaching:  MJ Ball