Fields4Kids is committed to serving your family and our community–to ensure that every child is safe, engaged, and learning every day. That’s why we are working with the current city leadership and Maine CDC to activate Fields4Kids resources and programs to meet the needs of as many families as possible.

The current climate illustrates the complexity our schools and families are living. Many families need to feel there is a safe place for their child during the school day and after school so parents can return to full-time work. Some families aren’t comfortable sending their child to a crowded school building when they open, or will need a place to go 2-3 times per week, but need help with remote school requirements. Others need support so their kids can catch up on the learning they’ve lost or reconnect after months of being isolated. Some families will be home-schooling and looking for physical education, arts, music and socialization opportunities. There is no easy, one-size-fits-all answer to meet all of these needs.

The situation across Maine is changing rapidly, so we will be updating you frequently. Here are the best answers we have today to the questions parents are asking:

Will you offer full day programs that include help with virtual school requirements?

Yes! Our program development team has created a daily activity plan that will include meeting the district requirements for virtual learning. This will include school-day support and assistance with virtual learning during the mornings, and themed enrichment activities and clubs during the afternoons. We are working with our local school districts to best understand each of their online learning models and requirements.  All participants must bring their own electronic devices.

What will the full day program cost?

Fields4Kids is committed to keeping our program costs as affordable as possible. Below are our daily and weekly costs based on days attending.  For families enrolling multiple children there is a 10% discount per additional child.  Enrollment is available for 1st Grade – 8th Grade students.  We are limited to 40 spots due to our square footage.

Drop off at 7am, Pickup at 6pm (and anything inbetween)

$50 per child for one day

$90 per child for two days

$125 per child for three days

 $160 per child for four days

$190 per child for five days

When will registration be available?

We will be opening online and paper registration for full-day programs as soon as possible.

What protocols will you be following to prevent the spread of COVID among the children?

Fields4Kids has spent the spring and summer aligning our health & safety measures for the upcoming school year with those recommended by the Maine Center for Disease Control.  While it is clear that there is currently no policy or practice that will completely remove or prevent all risk, all Fields4Kids program staff are receiving training in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Fields4Kids has developed, implemented and refined our COVID-19 prevention practices and procedures while running programs since reopening June 1st. We will continue to be vigilant in our execution of strict screening protocols, cleaning and disinfecting and using proper personal protective equipment (PPE). New procedures have been put in place to control access to program spaces during drop off and pick up times. We will screen everyone coming into the program space, maintain age-appropriate social distancing expectations, limit group sizes, and quickly isolate any child or adult who might become symptomatic during program time.

At this time, only participating children and staff will be allowed in the program area (beyond the nets). Anyone recording a temperature of 100.0 or higher will not be permitted into the program. Masks will be required of all staff and participating children and parents/guardians entering the facility. To best maintain social distancing, student groups will not be co-mingling for activities and supplies will be made individual instead of shared as much as possible.

Will you be spending time outside?

Yes.  Outside activities are highly recommended by our health advisors, so when the weather permits, we will be incorporating outside activities as much as possible.  There will be no field trips.

What grade levels can attend?

Full-day enrichment programs will be designed for entering 1st grade through entering 8th grade.

Will you offer before and after-school when school is in person again?

When schools reopen to five days per week, we plan to be there for your family and offer this service.  Before School care (6:30am – 8:30am) may be provided for $60/week or $13/day.  After-school care (3:00pm-6:00pm) may be provided for $75/week or $17/day. Families can elect to do both Before and After care for $135/week or $30/day. 

My family qualifies for Free/Reduced lunch – would my child get to attend Fields4Kids for free?

As a separate non-profit, Fields4Kids does not receive state or federal school-day funding like public school districts. We charge parent fees to cover the cost of our services, but we also seek out grant funding that allows us to have financial aid scholarships available. 

Will you be offering drop-in care?

Drop-in service is not expected as a part of the full-day alternative childcare program of virtual learning due to limited spots available