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Weather Protocols: 

We are excited to start the 29th Annual Memorial Day Classic tomorrow.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not being nice and they are calling for thunder storms on Satuday.  Below is the protocol, if we have bad weather.  Please note that we do play in the rain.  Just not in thunder and lightning.

  1. Thunder or Lightening – Air horn will sound at all locations.  All players, spectators, coaches and staff must leave the field and seek shelter in their car or building if available.  All locations will stay on the same schedule and will stop and start at the same time.
  2. There will be a 30 minute wait time after each thunder and/or lightening.  The clock will start again at 30 minutes for any subsequent thunder or lightening. This is per US Soccer policy.
  3. Second air horn will sound 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightening when it is safe to go back on to the field.  Games will resume 5 minutes after second air horn.
  4. Depending on the stoppage time:
        -Games that where being played at time of delay, may be called if more than half of the game has been played
        -Games may be shortened 
        -Games may be cancelled
  5. Tournament director will send out an email with information regarding resuming play once it is determined based off of the length of down time. So watch your email.

Lets all do the sun dance and drive away the rain.

See you on the Field!

General Tournament Information

Hello Coaches, Parents and Team Parents,

We are excited you will be joining us for the 29th Annual Memorial Day Classic Weekend. We hope you enjoy your weekend with us.

The tournament program has been posted on our website. This program includes site maps, directions, rules, tournament information, sponsor coupons, schedules, etc. Please note that there have been some changes made to the schedule so please verify your game schedules and locations.

Tournament Information (please read in its entirety):          No pets or grills are allowed on any fields

Ø  Scoring for the Tim Crisman Sportsmanship Award will take place Saturday during your games and awards will be given out on Sunday.

Ø  Official Scores will be posted outside of headquarters. Scores will also be available on our website.

Ø  Given that the maximum goal differential possible is 3, coaches are urged not to permit their players to needlessly run up scores, thereby humiliating the opposing team. If necessary, rearrange players or remove a player/players from the field. Please help to make this weekend enjoyable for all teams.

Ø  Coaches must remain within the confines of the technical area and must conduct themselves in a responsible manner. The tournament considers the technical area to be 3 yards to the left and right and two yards in front of the team’s assigned bench area.

Ø  No spectators will be allowed to view the games from behind the goal area.  Spectators should be on the sideline across from their team’s bench.

Ø  Zero Tolerance from coaches, players and spectators for any verbal or physical abuse against referees, players, or coaches.  We reserve the right to ask you to leave the complex.

Ø  Coaching and player cards plus roster must be present on the sideline at all games in case they are requested by referee.  All Players will be checked in at semi-final and final games. Teams that do not have player cards present at a game, will forfeit the game.

Ø  All U8, U9 and U10 coaches/managers, need to pick up your team medals either at team check in Friday night or at tournament headquarters during the day on Saturday if you completed your team check-in online.

Ø  Pre-ordered team apparel can be picked up at bus loop concessions if you submitted an order.  Please have one person pick up the entire team order.  Orders must be picked up on Saturday.  Orders not picked up will be put back into inventory on Sunday.   Payment will be due at time of pickup. Cash, check or paypal will be accepted.  There will be limited inventory and sizes at each concession for those that did not order ahead of time.

Ø  Concessions will offer hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza at the bus loop concession at Souhegan High School.  All other concession stands will have pizza, drinks and snacks available.

Ø  Parking is limited at many venues, so carpooling is recommended.   Additional parking is available at the Middle School. Please see location map.  There is no parking on Simeon Wilson Road.  There is no parking on the road at Upper Wilkins Field.  Park below in the school parking lot and walk-up stairs to upper fields.  Watch for yellow directions signs when going from venue to venue.

Ø  In the event of inclement weather, an air horn will be sounded to notify all participants that games will be immediately stopped, and everyone should seek shelter.  The horn will sound again when games can be restarted. There is 1/2 hour wait period after each thunder sound.

Ø  There is no on-site trainers. Field Marshals will have a first aid kit with items available such as ice packs, band aids, ace bandages, etc. Items will also be available at tournament headquarters. We are hoping for no injures but if one does happen and needs medical attention, please let the field marshal know and an ambulance will be called. There is a medical center located 5 minutes from headquarters. Directions are located on the field map under Milford Medical Center.

Ø  This is a patch/pin tournament for U8-U12 teams.  U13 and above will not exchange patches unless the team wishes to do so. For U8-U12, teams will exchange patches or pins with the opposing team following each game.  This year we are asking coaches to trade patches and then hand out to their players.  Please remember to bring enough patches or pins for the number of games your team will play. If you do not have team patches, any soccer related item is acceptable.

Ø  We have partnered with the New England Revolution to offer our finalists a unique opportunity to celebrate their victory at Gillette Stadium with the Revs! The program is called Night of Champions, and it offers all of our winning teams a Putnam Club upgrade to one of three select Revs matches this summer.   All 1st and 2nd place teams will receive an envelope that details the Night of Champions offer and explains how to organize your team to celebrate. Good luck!  

Ø  1st and 2nd place teams in each division are asked to come to headquarters following the championship game to receive their awards.

Ø  Coaches Parking area is located by tournament headquarters.  You will need to show your coaching card to access the area.   See map for coaches parking area.

We hope you enjoy your weekend with us, and we will see you on the fields!

Lisa Davidson
Tournament Co-Director